October 21st, 2011


Friday, Oct. 21st

Today's workshop began with a true New York "coffee talk."  There were various copies of newspapers laid out, coffee brewing and cookies.  The students read the paper while their peers rolled in. After all were present, we broke into discussions about what was going on in the world, and why.  The students provided great insights.

Today's central theme was "honing a global perspective"  and asked questions like, "How can you study the history, culture and politics of a place that is vastly different from your experience?; or, What skills and knowledge might you need? The students brought up questions about how to study 'the other' and why they are interested in learning more about certain places and people.

In following the theme of perspectives, the students participated in an activity that highlighted how perspective dictates experience.  This activity has approximately 40 'slides' or images on separate sheets of paper which start from the macroscopic and, with each slide, the perspective focuses inward. Without showing each other the image, students must line up their images from largest to smallest.  The students did an excellent job of communicating, listening and shifting perspectives to understand varying vantage points.

The final portion of the day, the students continued to build their blogs.